See What Our Customers Are Saying About Our Service!

“This seemed too good to be true at first, how can you possibly not have a cell phone bill?

This service is amazing the coverage cannot be beat and it’s not to good to be true. You won’t be sorry switching to MCS and saving yourself and your family hundreds of dollars in unnecessary cell phone bills.”

Leslie Thompson

“Fantastic service, Awesome customer service.. I was traveling a couple of weeks ago and on the back side of a high mountain in Washington. I had a signal where others that were with me did not. I am very happy and elated that I don’t have to pay another cell phone bill for 9 years.”

John Wolff

“Wow! Saying goodbye to a $140 dollar month phone bill is a dream come true! I recently bought a SIM card to use on a back-up phone to see how it worked and I was blown away!!”

Drew Speier

“Our Sim Card gets better service than our other major carries ever has!!! This ROCKS!!! Thank you MCS USA!”

Kristine Treadway