Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have WiFi calling?2018-07-05T21:06:42+00:00

At this time we do not, but expect to have WiFi calling implemented by the last quarter of the year.

Usage of Frequency and Towers2018-07-25T22:49:57+00:00

We utilize the most effective towers which are strategically located across the country. We based our 2-year study of United States Frequency Usage, which takes into account quality of service, voice quality, and reduced dropped calls ratio that offers the highest quality data signal available at peak and off-peak hours. We concluded that the best frequency to use is one which has been fully tested and approved for our network and compliant with all FCC regulatory requirements. This data supports the future expansion into having our technology function in other countries and is paramount to our vision and mission.

Furthermore, we use a mathematical algorithm that directs elements that others in the industry have used in such a modality that it makes it possible to enhance and improve the end-user experience.

As we evolve into large scale customer base size, there are many other features and additions that will assist the end user into having an exceptional experience with our service. Our roadmap timeline is projected for global expansion within 9 months after the completion of our beta time frame. The beta time frame will be completed once SIM card customer base exceed twenty five thousand users.

As we continue to grow our customer base, this will allow our available services to also increase at a rapid pace. We are passionate about our mission, which is to provide the most technology advanced service which includes consistent quality of service, secure and user friendly full spectrum voice & data service that will meet our customers’ needs in this fast-changing world.

In addition, we look to the future which takes us far beyond SIM cards. We will be introducing phones and additional products that fit the world’s communication needs in many formats that will truly be as magnificent as view of the Northern Lights in the twilight.

Upgrades and Updates Every 9 Days2018-07-25T23:20:35+00:00

As a standard, we have chosen every nine (9) days as a benchmark for a thorough technical review to (a) update any necessary new system upgrades, (b) quality check all signals, (c) add, connect to, and increase the number of new countries, and (d) perform upgrades that will lead to consistent quality data usage. Using a mathematical algorithm relationally to the coverage during high-demand peak hours provides for the best data experience. In addition, we are gearing up to expand our data use as our client base dictates it.

Working in a specific 9-day timeline environment aids MCS USA in serving our customers’ experience in calling not only the existing countries currently available, but the consistency of the timeline serves to conduct the quality review on a smaller scale which allows MCS USA to rapidly respond to any real-time issues and ensure these issues do not negatively impact our customers.

This methodical process built on the power of 9 will help us reach our goal of truly unlimited data as we build an increasingly larger client base. Nine was chosen as a significant number in not only mathematics but as a method of allowing us to completely upgrade and change to the needs of our customers. Combined with our customer feedback this allows us to provide a high level of service for an incredible price for many years to come. The abovementioned technology is just a part of the backbone of MCS USA, and it all happens seamlessly to the customer, giving them the quality experience that our customers require and deserve.

What kind of coverage should I expect?2018-07-16T19:30:08+00:00

The SIM card works in the USA and customers may call out to over 92 countries.

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What kind of customer support do you have?2018-06-27T21:54:56+00:00

We have a Customer Care center available to you at (800) 662-4604. Our website will also provide you with a lot of helpful information as well.

Is the cell service 4G LTE?2018-08-01T20:16:48+00:00

Yes, the SIM has the ability to run the latest High-Speed LTE data operating on Bands 2, 4 and 12. Please make sure your phone is compatible to take full advantage of the MCS network.

Why 9 years of service?2018-05-13T14:57:16+00:00

We believe customers should have cell service for a low price. Communication with other humans is free in person; why not transform that to cell service?

What happens after the 9 years of service?2018-05-13T14:57:26+00:00

After 9 years of service, customers may purchase a new SIM card for $300. Don’t worry, though, we will provide advance notice to the customer via their email address.

What is your return policy?2018-05-21T23:04:06+00:00

From the date of activation, there is a nine (9) day money back guarantee. You must contact our Customer Care Center within those nine days to receive your Return Authorization number. If the SIM card is defective within the same warranty period, you will receive a replacement free of charge. Once warranty period has expired, any lost or damaged SIM card may be purchased for a $30 replacement fee.

If I cancel after 9 days, do I get my money back?2018-05-21T23:04:43+00:00

The money back guarantee is good for the warranty period of 9 days from the day of SIM being activated. Thereafter no refunds will be provided.

Does MCS USA work in all areas of the United States?2018-05-13T14:58:35+00:00

The SIM card works with whatever service has the strongest signal in your area. This occurs automatically without you having to do anything.

Will MCS USA work in weak cell coverage areas?2018-05-13T15:11:59+00:00

The SIM card works with whatever service has the strongest signal in your area. This occurs automatically without you having to do anything.

Can I keep my same number or do I need a new number?2018-06-29T18:03:19+00:00

Yes, you may have a new number or you may keep your same number!

Will I have new voicemail that I can use?2018-05-13T14:59:47+00:00


Is this service GSM or CDMA?2018-05-13T15:00:16+00:00

We utilize the GSM (“Global System for Mobile Communications”) technology, of which a standard was developed and adopted by nearly all the globe as the way to communicate via cell calls.

Does MCS sell phones too?2018-05-13T15:00:36+00:00

Currently, we do not. When we do provide new cell phones, we will be sure to inform our existing customers.

Will your unlimited data slow down at certain points like other carriers do?2018-07-16T21:22:57+00:00

Once unlimited data is fully established, it will not slow down. Currently, there is slowing after 2GB, and there will be updates and upgrades periodically.

If I call 911 will it show my location and go to my local 911 Center?2018-05-13T15:01:37+00:00

Yes, if your GPS is activated, which is standard on all GSM cell phones.

Can I use this if I don’t have a smart phone?2018-05-13T15:01:50+00:00

Any phone that has a SIM card inside can utilize our SIM card.

Can I pay less to not have data?2018-05-13T15:02:01+00:00

The cost is the same, $300 per SIM card, regardless of how you use the service.

Will the SIM card work in any cell phone?2018-06-21T18:35:21+00:00

If it is a GSM unlocked cellular phone, it will work.

Can I use my phone as a HOTSPOT?2018-05-13T15:03:16+00:00

Yes. We recommend that you use WIFI, however, or the data will be consumed unnecessarily and your data could be throttled back until full unlimited data is available.

What if my phone is stuck in a contract with my current carrier?2018-05-13T15:03:32+00:00

Contact your carrier to learn what the cost is to get out of your contract. There may be a penalty if you are under a current contract, but it could be a nominal cost and worthwhile to pay to stop having monthly charges continue with your current carrier.

How do I know if I have to unlock my phone?2018-05-13T15:04:07+00:00

Every phone is different, be sure to check with your carrier. When you put a new SIM card in your existing phone and power it back on, you will be greeted with a dialog box telling you to enter an unlock code if your phone is SIM locked to your current carrier. Refer to “Can I unlock my phone if I’m under contract with another carrier?” section.

Can I unlock my phone if I’m under contract with another Telecom carrier?2018-05-13T15:04:21+00:00

All phones may be unlocked, even those still in a contract, although you still need to pay any contract fees owed to your current carrier.

How much does a SIM card cost, and what’s in the fine print?2018-07-21T22:31:31+00:00

There is a one-time cost of $300 plus applicable tax and shipping/handling. This provides you with unlimited voice, data and texting internationally to 92 countries for nine (9) years with no monthly cost. We are able to provide this low cost as we are in the beginning stages of this service, which is being upgraded periodically. Taking this into consideration, we are grandfathering the $300 fee into the longevity of the service. Hence, we will not increase the cost of the service, as it dramatically increases and improves for both USA and international.

How long will my SIM card work?2018-05-13T15:06:56+00:00

Service works for nine (9) years from date of activation. If damage occurs during your service timeframe, a replacement can be purchased for $30.

Will the SIM card work in a cellular tablet?2018-06-21T18:32:36+00:00

Yes, it will work in a GSM unlocked cellular tablet.

If my SIM card is damaged or quits working, how much will it cost me to replace it?2018-05-31T21:40:49+00:00

You would return the SIM card and receive a replacement for $30. Our Customer Care team can assist you at 1 -800-662-4604. If you can return the SIM within the 9-day warranty period, there will be no replacement cost.

If I lose my phone with my SIM card inside, can I get it replaced?2018-05-21T16:12:45+00:00

You may purchase a replacement SIM card for $30. Re-order your replacement SIM card HERE or call our Customer Care team at 1 800 662 4604

There are a number of SIM Card companies, why MCS USA?2018-05-13T15:08:23+00:00

No one comes close to our price or service.

Who is MCS USA?2018-05-31T21:41:51+00:00

We are world-changers who believe that cell service should be forthright and direct. We believe customers should have NO monthly mobile bill. Ever.

How good is the MCS USA service?2018-05-13T15:09:09+00:00

Crystal clear phone calls, instantaneous texts, excellent data.

What is your privacy policy?2018-05-13T15:09:51+00:00

You will find our privacy policy HERE.

Can I opt out of advertising?2018-05-13T15:09:57+00:00

No, you cannot opt out of advertising, but you will not see any more advertising than you saw on your previous service. It will be seamless to you.