Customer Terms And Conditions

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Customer Terms and Conditions


In this Agreement, the terms “ ‘Customer’, ‘You’, and ‘Your’ “ will be used to refer to the Customer and the terms “ ‘MCS USA and/or MCS Global Link’, ‘We’, ‘Us’, and ‘Our’ “ will be used to refer to MobiComSim USA hereinafter referred to as MCS USA and/or MCS Global Link. This is an agreement between You and Us for the provision of mobile telephone service (“the Service”) including but not limited to pre-paid and roaming services on our mobile networks. This Agreement, the Service and the use of Your receiving equipment (“the Unit or Device”) may be subject further to applicable tariffs and regulations. Your use of the Service will constitute your agreement to be bound by these terms and conditions.

  1. Customer understands and agrees that MCS Global Link (formally known as MobiComSim Incorporated) provides enrollment to a mobile service product with EcoMobile SIM Card whereas customer receives unlimited data, text and talk services for five (5) years from SIM card activation, with no monthly mobile service fee for said service.
  2. You are fully responsible for any final bills, termination costs or fees from Your current mobile service provider. You are responsible for contacting your current mobile company to verify or receive instructions to unlock the mobile phone if necessary.
  3. During the MCS Global Link Beta period, Customer receives 2GB per month data service and thereafter customer’s data will be slowed (also known as throttling), especially during peak times. Each month there will be potential data increases occurring without throttling and eventually, You will enjoy fully unlimited data without any service slowing or throttling of any kind.
  4. During Our Beta period, calls may be made to 92 countries from the United States, of which all available countries are noted on the website at Customers may call to these 92 countries but calling from other countries is currently not available. Once the Beta period has completed, customers will be informed once calls may be made outside of the United States.
  5. Using Your mobile phone as a Hotspot is allowed, however during the Beta period, using a mobile phone as a Hotspot will use up the 2GB rapidly and therefore it is recommended to use sparingly or ideally always connect to Wi-Fi whenever possible during the Beta period.
  6. MCS Global Link wants to ensure all its customers will to be satisfied with the mobile services. Full refunds may be provided if You choose to return product within 9 days of SIM activation if the SIM card is not physically damaged. You understand if SIM is damaged, Customer may purchase a replacement SIM for $30 plus tax, shipping and handling fees; however, refunds are not provided for physically damaged SIMs. In addition, Customer must take the following specific steps for a refund to be authorized:
  7. MCS Global Link’s EcoMobile SIM Card cost of $600 is the only cost customer will incur for the SIM card except if a replacement becomes necessary. Replacement cost is $30 plus tax, shipping and handling fees. There are no other service fees or renewals for five (5) years. After the service of five years You may purchase another SIM for $600 if you wish.
  8. MCS Global Link Enrollment provides EcoMobile Telecom Service and EcoMobile SIM Card Service.
  9. By enrolling with MCS Global Link, EcoMobile SIM Card Telecom Service will be provided. MCS Global Link is subsiding the recurring monthly plan for the period the subscriber is enrolled in, from MCS Global Link. MCS Global Link will apply its Modalities to subsidize the mobile service costs and MCS Global Link will be responsible for your service for the term you have purchased from MCS Global Link. In the event that MCS Global Link terminates the mobile services with EcoMobile, MCS Global Link will cease payment for the mobile services provided by EcoMobile and MCS Global Link and the end user will not file a complaint, claim against EcoMobile, and we waive right to sue or arbitrate against EcoMobile. The End User acknowledges that MCS Global Link is an advanced integrator of EcoMobile SIM Cards, and MCS Global Link has the option at any time to contractually disengage with EcoMobile and engage with a different telecom provider or an MVNO to replace EcoMobile and EcoMobile SIM Cards. MCS Global Link is the authorized advanced integrator and the responsible party for payment for your service.
  10. By Purchasing a Sim Card through MCS Global Link, you are also accepting the terms and conditions of EcoMobile.
  11. The $600, fee is an “Admin” fee for enrolling in MCS Global Link which will allow EcoMobile SIM Cards to apply and integrate with MCS Global Link multiple modality formats in order to eliminate your monthly mobile service fee.
  12. The enrollment Fee as listed at $600 in the above offering, which will include the EcoMobile SIM Card, 5 Years of Service which is a $30 plan ($3240 Value) in this case.
  13. MCS Global Link’s EcoMobile SIM Card cost of $600 is the only cost customer will incur for the SIM card except if a replacement becomes necessary. Replacement cost is $30 plus tax, shipping and handling fees. There are no other service fees or renewals for five (5) years. After the service of five years You may purchase another SIM for $600 if you wish.
  14. Customer understands that service interruptions may occur periodically, as is the case with most if not all mobile providers. While our SIM cards are exceptional in data clarity and exemplary reception and transmission, there may be areas within the United States where service is not fully functioning. If Customer finds this to be the case, call Customer Care Center or provide feedback online at
  15. Customer holds MCS Global Link harmless for any issues that arise with Customer’s mobile phone service, your device, dropped calls, or network and server issues that may arise during usage.
  16. Customer understands that service is subject to transmission interference caused by atmospheric or topographical conditions and may be interrupted by equipment failure, modification, upgrade, relocation, repair or similar activities.
  17. Customer agrees that MCS Global Link will terminate service with EcoMobile SIM Card which will render SIM card useless if Customer payment is reversed or declined with any credit card company, bank service or other payment means. Customer will be responsible for returning SIM card at Your own expense. Without payment and without the return of SIM card, MCS Global Link has the right to take appropriate legal action to retrieve its product and any costs incurred in the retrieval process.
  18.  It is Customer’s choice to terminate the enrollment service with MCS Global Link which in turn will result in the termination of service with EcoMobile SIM Card Service at any time. There are no refunds permitted except for meeting the 9-day timeframe from date of activation. Thereafter, refunds are not permitted under any condition. A replacement SIM card is available for purchase.
  19. Customer understands the SIM card is Customer’s property and is Your responsibility to keep the SIM safe and in good condition. Any theft, loss of, or damage to Customer’s SIM card is the liability of the Customer. You must pay MCS Global Link a replacement fee for stolen, lost or damaged SIM cards. A replacement fee will not be charged if a SIM card is faulty or defective and returned to MCS Global Link within the applicable warranty period discussed herein.
  20. Mobile phone calls may be intercepted. Accordingly, complete privacy, although likely, cannot be guaranteed.
  21. If any provision of this Agreement is invalid or unenforceable, it shall be severed by this Agreement and the balance of this Agreement shall be unaffected and shall be enforceable.
  22. Customer confirms that you have received a copy of this Agreement and read it and that you clearly understand it. You also confirm that MCS Global Link has not made any representation or commitment which is not set out herein.
  23. Notice to Customer may be posted on our website, published in any form of media, dispatched to your billing address, sent to the known email address on file, sent by SMS message to your mobile phone number or such other means by which we may reasonably notify you as may be available to MCS Global Link from time to time.
  24. MCS Global Link has the right to modify this Agreement (by changing any of the terms hereof or by introducing new terms). Notice of any such modification shall be given to Customer via any of the means listed above. If Customer continues to use the service after such Notice, then Customer will be deemed to have accepted such modification.
  25. This Agreement shall be governed by the state of Arizona law.


(a)    You request a refund within 9 days of SIM activation by contacting Our Customer Care Center at 1 (800) 662-4604 to receive your SIM return mailing instructions. The SIM card must be returned within the appropriate timeframe or refund is forfeited.

(b)    The Customer Care Center will provide a Return Authorization (“RA”) number which must be included in the package when Customer mails the SIM card to the company. Return shipping cost will be paid by Customer.

(c)     The SIM, along with the RA Number, must be received within 9 days from the date the Customer contacted the Customer Care Center. Once the SIM is received and deemed undamaged, You should expect to receive full refund within 60 days.