The robust team of entrepreneurs and industry leaders at MCS Global Link are redesigning what end users have only been able to dream of: more value in mobile service with no monthly cell bill!

We utilize the most effective towers which are strategically located across the country. We based our 2-year study of United States Frequency Usage, which takes into account quality of service, voice quality, and reduced dropped calls ratio that offers the highest quality data signal available at peak and off-peak hours. We concluded that the best frequency to use is one which has been fully tested and approved for our network and compliant with all FCC regulatory requirements. This data supports the future expansion into having our technology function in other countries and is paramount to our vision and mission.

Furthermore, we use a mathematical algorithm that directs elements that others in the industry have used in such a modality that it makes it possible to enhance and improve the end-user experience.

As we evolve into large scale customer base size, there are many other features and additions that will assist the end user into having an exceptional experience with our service. Our roadmap timeline is projected for global expansion within 9 months after the completion of our beta time frame. The beta time frame will be completed once SIM card customer base exceed twenty five thousand users.

As we continue to grow our customer base, this will allow our available services to also increase at a rapid pace. We are passionate about our mission, which is to provide the most technologically advanced service which includes consistent quality of service, secure and user-friendly full spectrum voice & data service that will meet our customers’ needs in this fast-changing world.

In addition, we look to the future which takes us far beyond SIM cards. We will be introducing phones and additional products that fit the world’s communication needs in many formats that will truly be as magnificent as view of the Northern Lights in the twilight.